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Functional, sophisticated, personalised and easy to use: The more knowledge is stored on the Intranet, the more important it is that all employees can handle this technology and use it confidently to support their own Workflows. But that is not all that needs to be assured. A successful, modern Intranet must meet a number of other requirements, since its benefits pay off especially if it fits seamlessly into the existing system world, simplifies Data Management and strengthens the Corporate Identity of the company. Meaning: a concept needs to be implemented individually for each company. An Intranet based on PANSITE and .NET technology makes this possible for your users with minimal instruction and maximal intuitive operation.

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Customized content thanks to the Personalization Function, and direct connection to User Administration (e.g. Active Directory)

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Predesigned special elements extend the range of functions - numerous extensions are available as .NET Add-ons.

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Thought-out tools

Fast and targeted modificatoin of content through Browse&Edit, easy embedding of multimedia content (photo, video, etc.)

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Centralized maintenance

All data are up-to-date and available independent on your location.

How our Customers use

salzgitter - Salzgitter AG Intranet

Intranet for Salzgitter

The Intranet of the Salzgitter Group was created 2003 with PANSITE and has been continuously evolving ever since that time. It consists of about 40 Sites and is managed by over 300 editors conveniently via Browse&Edit.
Screenshot aus dem Intranet der Salzgitter AG
Editors are provided with numerous additional functions that facilitate everyday work and internal communication. For example, the Watchlist helps you to keep track of selected pages, documents or entire areas of the Intranet and informs you via e-mail about modifications. What's New shows the user a list of all pages and documents hat are new or have been modified. News and reports of the group are also published by the Press Module on the sites of the subsidiaries, where the individualized allocation of messages is possible. The My Favorites-Feature provides quick access to pages that the user visits more frequently or is particularly interested in. These are displayed permanently in a list and can be accessed at any time by a simple click. Using the Feedback Function, comments can be placed in the form of yellow slips by Drag&Drop at the exact spot in the document and be sent to the editor.
It is also possible to upload documents in different file formats such as PDF, Excel or PowerPoint via the document list and to make them available for download by other users.
Through the connection to the Active Directory, the contents of the Intranet are completely personalizable and can be individually tailored to different user groups. In order to make the contact details of the employees readily available, digital "business cards" can be attached anywhere on the Intranet, which are displayed as soon as you move the mouse pointer over the respective name.


40 Sites, more than 300 Editors

Pages, documents and whole areas can always be kept in view using the Watchlist

News and announcements can be seen on the pages of the subsidiary companies

„My Favorites“ shortcut provides quick access to pages that users visit more frequently

kloeckner - Klöckner Pentaplast Intranet

Intranet for Klöckner Pentaplast

"We need a modern internal communication that fits our company". According to this basic idea, the entire information infrastructure of Klöckner Pentaplast was revised and after the successful relaunch of the website and the use of PANBASE as a multimedia platform, the third large task was implemented jointly with Panvision: A new, modern intranet.
For example, Klöckner Pentaplast no longer needed outside agencies and now can administer and maintain the intranet through an easy-to-use content management system. In addition, the system was intended to provide the basis for building a social intranet, which focuses on dynamic information transfer and the promotion of cooperative and interactive collaboration.
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A large number of innovative instruments and best practice suggestions presented a major challenge in making the right decisions.

Christoph Thünemann,

Group Director Corporate & Marketing Communications, Klöckner Pentaplast

With the new intranet, content is no longer only made available centrally by an editorial staff, but is created by the employees themselves and is co-designed according to their own interests and needs. Due to the increasing use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it was also important to ensure that the collaborative work tools are not limited to the main workplace, but can also be operated in the Home Office, at customer appointments or at the airport.
Depending on the location, the home page news can be selected individually – the personal selection is displayed in the local language of the site.
In addition to the clear and intuitive navigation, the user finds a number of tools and elements that make the use of the intranet more effective, but also more interesting. Next to the top story in the banner-slider, the user finds news boxes containing various topics as well as international and local news. The active area can serve multiple purposes, for example as a countdown showing the time remaining to a specific important event.
The content pages are maintained by users through special editors via Browse&Edit, and images are pulled from the Klöckner Pentaplast Asset Management database "KpMultimedia", which was developed on the basis of the Panvision product PANBASE. The release of the image material is handled via an integrated workflow.
In addition, SharePoints and other data associated with the intranet are shown, whose content maintenance and access management are performed through an integrated interface using SharePoint.
Various widgets make the daily work with the intranet easier for user. For example, (s)he can store interesting pages in the watchlist that can be recalled with simply one click. The "yellow sticky" capability allows a simple dialogue between the user and the editor and the note can be attached to any part of a page to provide a targeted message, comment or question regarding the content. The message is then automatically forwarded to the appropriate person by e-mail.


Social intranet: promoting concerted, interactive collaboration

Comfortable use it on-the-road from anywhere

Start-pages are shown in the local language of the selected location.

A plurality of tools that make the utilization of the intranet more effective and interesting

Special Editors and Browse&Edit make it easier maintaining the content

Required image content is directly drawn from the connected PANBASE System "kpMultimedia"

The use of SharePoint is enabled by an integrated interface

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