pansite-prinzip - The PANSITE Approach

Be optimally positioned on the Internet & Intranet with our Content Management System: The PANSITE principle

The browser-based CMS PANSITE meets all the challenges of Content Management. This applies to publicly accessible Websites as well as to personalised Intranets. Bring your content to the web quickly and easily and create your pages exactly realizing your ideas with prefabricated special elements. With the differentiated Role and Rights Management you determine who can edit which content and organize even large projects with numerous editors completely stress-free and efficient.

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Maintain Website and Intranet easily via Browse & Edit. Save time with prefabricated Special Elements inside a modular system.

icon expandable


Utilize a wide range of special add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality of your PANSITE System.

icon no mistakes

No concern about mistakes

Each user is working in a separate area tailored to his respective function and abilities. With the help of versioning it is possible to revert to an earlier version.

icon no client software

No need for Client-Software

The PANSITE System is completely browser-based, eliminating unnecessary administrative work and setting up as many work-seats as you need.

icon simple integration

Simple System integration

Standardized interfaces allow you to integrate the Software seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

icon target group

Target-group orientation

Use the Personalization Feature to customize selected areas and offerings of your pages to address the specific needs of different users.

pansite-loesungen - Solutions based on PANSITE

Solutions based on the Content Management

The use of a Content Management System has become commonplace for many companies. But often separate “island” solutions are created that do not perfectly interact with each other.

With PANSITE you succeed in the encompassing realisation of sophisticated Web-, Intranet- and Extranet- presence, which flexibly adapt to the structures of your company.

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pansite-funktionen - Functions of PANSITE

The most important functions of the Content Management System PANSITE: an overview

Authoring tools

The practical PANSITE-authoring tools move your content to the Web quickly and easily. You do not need programming skills. Thanks to Browse&Edit you simply navigate to the part you want to modify and edit the content with just a few clicks.

Overview of the content management systems PANSITE
  • The Browse&Edit mode allows you to modify diverse content directly through simple Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste. The changes are immediately visible to the person editing, but can be withheld from the Website visitors until the content is published.
  • PANSITE supports the user with prefabricated special elements (e.g. image galleries, video-players or complex tables) as part of the modular system. Elements can be selected, edited and assigned to any page via the Web interface.
  • Adaptive Navigation automatically creates navigation entries during the creation of pages. These adapt themselves flexibly in the event of a change.
  • In addition, PANSITE is able to create entire navigational structures from uploaded folders and subfolders and automatically provide the individual documents with a “breadcrumb” navigation.
  • PANSITE ensures automatic change tracking and versioning by recording every modification of pages or documents. In this way, any version can be compared and restored if necessary.
  • Standardized Interfaces allow the transmission of individual pages or of entire Websites to Translation Systems or Translation Agencies.

Design Management

PANSITE offers numerous functions to carry a your defined design forward to your Web or Intranet presence and allows you to make changes to the design independently the actual contents.

Design management using the content management system PANSITE
  • PANSITE stores the design as templates and contents in databases. This separation allows changes to the design to be made independently of the content and vice versa at any time.
  • By means of Responsive Design, a Web or Intranet presence developed with PANSITE can be automatically represented on any device optimally, for example on the Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Via the incorporation of templates and styles, every Corporate Design can be implemented with PANSITE. Editors then find their custom Working Environment corresponding to the design guidelines. These can no longer be changed in order to avoid possible mistakes and to preserve the corporate design.
  • Master pages can be created in PANSITE in order to create a uniform Web or Intranet Presence. Their layout is prepared so that only the contents have to be maintained. Special elements such as picture galleries or tables can also be defined on such pages. For example, samples for product- or news-pages can be designed and used uniformly.

Rights Management

With PANSITE it is possible to determine which user can view and edit which content, which steps a release must pass through and which rights different clients should receive.

Rights management via the content management system PANSITE
  • With the well differentiated Role & Rights Management, the administrator determines which user is allowed to edit and publish which content.
  • PANSITE can be used to create personalized Websites and Intranets where the user attributes determine what content is shown.

  • PANSITE natively provides a separate release Workflow, which makes it possible to publish content created by editors according to the "2 Pairs-of-Eyes Principle" requiring approval by an authorized person. This person is notified by the system concerning the release request, can review and release the content, or use intelligent release routines to publish at a specific time.
  • Thanks to the multi-client capability, any number of PANSITE projects can be operated independently of one another, if required from different databases, with only one installation. It is possible to provide a Corporate Design for all projects as well as to equip different website projects with different designs, while the Page Management is done centrally.
  • Thanks to the multi-client capability, any number of PANSITE projects can be operated independently of one another, if required from different databases, with only one installation. It is possible to provide a corporate design for all projects as well as to equip different Website Projects with different designs, while the page management is done centrally.
  • This makes it easier for administrators to maintain user data and provides quick access to all systems with only one password.
pansite-addons - PANSITE Add-ons

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Make PANSITE the all-purpose Tool for your everyday work!

To extend the functionality of PANSITE, you can rely on a number of specially developed .NET add-ons, which are optionally integrated into the page structure.

The additional functions intgerate perfectly into a system that is operated with the Content Management System PANSITE and can be used without Programming Knowledge.

PANSITE Forms Generator

The Forms Generator enables you to create Web Forms without Programming Knowledge using PANSITE. Individual fields are simply positioned via Drag&Drop and configured with the help of a few inputs. In this way, forms for a variety of purposes are created in an instant.

PANSITE Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is the internet platform for your employees. Here classifieds can be generated quickly and easily. The users themselves can determine how long the ad should be valid. In addition to detailed descriptions, users can also add images to their ad.


With the PANSITE Forum you can give your employees the opportunity to easily exchange information. You decide whether contributions are released only after a moderator has been involved.

PANSITE Simple Message Blog

The Simple Message Blog simplifies communication within the team or the entire company. Messages can be initiated by specified people, such as the manager or a team leader, and commented on by authorized employees.

PANSITE Meeting Room Planner

Managing conference rooms can be a huge burden for large companies. With the Meeting Room Planner you manage your rooms clearly and effectively. If, for example, you are looking for a conference room for ten people in a certain location, that is equipped with a digital projector and a screen, you can selectively filter out suitable objects by setting criteria. All meeting rooms in question are displayed in a clear list.

PANSITE Ressource Management

With the Resource Management, you manage all the shared resources - from company cars to notebooks to GPS devices. A clear calendar immediately shows which resources are available and when.

PANSITE Simple Survey Tool

This add-on is a slim Software System that allows you to conduct surveys quickly and easily. With this add-on, companies have an easy-to-use tool that can query the opinion of the organization in an anonymised way.

PANSITE Search Engine

The powerful, customizable Search Engine scans any source. The search is not limited to the PANSITE System. It also searches external websites or directories (e.g. a telephone database) and delivers the prioritized results.

PANSITE Phone Database

Use the Phone Database Add-on to get more out of your Intranet. The web-based application with connection to the Active Directory supports you in the administration and maintenance of your contact data. The special highlight: Individual entries can be linked in the form of business cards anywhere on the intranet.

PANSITE Watchlist

With the help of the Watchlist you do not miss any News on the Intranet. This clever feature monitors selected pages, documents, or folders and notifies you when changes have been made. You can be easily informed by e-mail about new developments. You can configure how often and on which day notifications are sent.

PANSITE Calendar of Events

Events need to be well planned. In order to facilitate your internal planning, we have developed a solution that allows you to easily create and view your events on the intranet. It is also possible to transfer appointments to your Outlook Calendar or to propose appointments to other users.

PANSITE Media Center

The Media Library makes Videos easily available for other users on your Website or on the Intranet. The Videos can be assigned to different theme categories at upload time, which can be selected later by the viewer. Only the Videos associated with that category are displayed. In addition, the library offers the possibility to add a short description to each Video and to preview the further Video Content in the thumbnail overview.

PANSITE Document Management

With the PANSITE Document Management, all types of documents (office, PDF, etc.) can be collected on the intranet and saved as „favorites“ for quick access. In addition, you can create Download Lists which may be downloaded as a ZIP File. Upload works similarly: with just a few clicks you upload your own files from your computer directly to your Upload List. These can be moved back to the Download List, if necessary, to download them together with other documents as a ZIP Archive.

PANSITE Banner Scheduler

The Banner Scheduler enables you to individually control the timing of your Motif or advertising banners on your Website or on the Intranet. For example, determine when and in which order the Banner Motifs are displayed, the cycle you want them to change, and when the Banners go offline again. You can also add text to the Banners.

PANSITE Excel to Database Import

This Add-on can be used to import data from an Excel File directly into the database and display it as a list or table in PANSITE. You can also open the record as an HTML page.

PANSITE Extended News

With this Add-on, internal messages can be published quickly and easily by editors to the Intranet. Messages that have been activated as top-news are additionally displayed in the News Slider at the top of the Home page. As soon as there are several messages to choose from, they are changed at regular intervals. By entering categories and locations, you can easily browse the message pool.

Special Modules

PANSITE Newsletter Tool

The Newsletter Tool supports all areas concerning the publication of your Newsletter created in PANSITE: from the uncomplicated import of the recipient lists to the evaluation of various user statistics: we give you a versatile and intuitive Tool.

PANSITE Vacancy Database

With the Vacancy Database, job vacancies can be compiled quickly and easily via a simple Wizard. For the most common formats (e.g. regular jobs, trainees, students) the Job Registration provides precreated templates. Completed positions appear immediately after the publication in the job lists, that can appear in different locations (Internet/Intranet) and can behave differently (e.g. different design on the Intranet, are automatically shown three days prior on the Intranet). A PDF-view is automatically generated after the job has been entered. You can also create a job archive and duplicate the job as a template for future use. Contact persons can be assigned and linked to the jobs. For online-applications, applications can be connected to the application Workflow with PANFLOW.

PANSITE Quicklister

Via an independent backend, posts such as news and press releases can be maintained in a form-base. This backend can supply, for example, news areas and lists on the Internet, Intranet or in an App. There are several categories that allow you to filter the lists (e.g.: topic, destination of a news item). These categories can be extended as desired. The Quicklister provides an overview of all posts and functionality for archiving. The contributions can also be sorted independently of their date, duplicated as a template and, if necessary, also published at a different time. By linking the backend to the Active Directory, the user's access can be controlled individually.

Support & Service

Visit our support page to find out what services you can use for PANSITE and our other products.
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