Workflow Solutions for an efficient Quality Management

Good Quality Management forms the basis for continuous improvement. With PANFLOW, you organize the processes around Quality Management in such a way that suggestions for improvement as well as complaints can be handled efficiently and promptly.

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Sustainable optimisation of work-conditions, -processes and -results

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Improve performance and competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction

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Compliance with prescribed standards and guidelines, complete documentation of the processes

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Support during the introduction of new facilities, equipment or services

complaintmanagement - Complaint Management

Complaint Management

Use complaints as an opportunity to build customer loyalty.
In addition to the opportunity to improve product and service quality, every complaint is also giving the opportunity to bind the customer more closely to the company or a brand through the positive and professional handling of the complaint.

PANFLOW not only supports the quickest possible processing of complaints, as well as the compensation of the customer, but also enables the effective management and monitoring of all actions taken in regard to the complaint in an effective Complaint Management System.

The individual complaints cases undergo a defined process, which can range from the examination of the cause to the comparison and leveling with already existing complaint cases all the way to the refund and confirmation to the complainant.

Advantages at a glance

Reduce reclamation costs through a workflow-based approach; control and configure an 8D Report

Avoiding repetition of errors through detailed analysis, improving product and service quality, strengthening customer loyalty

change - Management of Change

Change Management

Execute Change Processes in a comprehensive and audit-safe manner.
Ongoing change is no longer an exception for today's companies, but rather it is the rule. The faster companies have to adapt to external influences and generate innovations, the more important it is to keep, exchange or re-introduce strategies, structures, systems or processes.

PANFLOW helps you to record and track the necessary change measures, to permit their implementation to be approved and carried out with a minimal impact on ongoing operations.

The complete documentation and revision security of the created Workflows provide the best prerequisite for ensuring that demanding audits are carried out safely.

Advantages at a glance

Detailed situation analysis, optimization of change processes

Efficient release procedure eg. provisional approval in the event of urgent action, ensuring compliance with guidelines and safety requirements, checking the effectiveness of the changes

accidentreport - Accident Report

Accident Report + Near Miss Report

Put the safety of your employees and customers first!
"Vision Zero": a world without accidents at work and work-related illnesses. With this guideline, more and more companies are formulating concrete goals for reducing accident risks and occupational illnesses and establishing a safety culture that is supported by targeted communication and continuous learning processes - from the management floor to the trainee.

With the PANFLOW Workflow Management System, all important workflows and processes associated with an accident or near miss report can be optimally mapped and digitized.

Whether on the computer or directly on site via an individually developed app - as soon as abuses, potentially hazardous situations or accidents at work occur, employees can immediately report them (where, who, when, how, what) and if necessary send photos of the corresponding situation. The information can then - under the control of the PANFLOW workflow - be forwarded directly to responsible persons in the company in order to check the occupational safety, to initiate appropriate measures if necessary and to inform about what has been done to avoid comparable events in the future.

PANFLOW also offers the opportunity to evaluate the data and information collected through the workflow in terms of content and statistics in order to draw conclusions about the state of security in the company and to discover optimization potential.

Do you want to undergo a formal process that necessitates the protection of employees, while remaining economical, as a result of accidents or near-misses? Find out about the perfect interaction of Accident Reporting and Management of Change - controlled by PANFLOW.

Advantages at a glance

Report accidents or near misses as well as errors and problems immediately to responsible persons or departments

Use data and information collected through the workflow for statistical purposes

Controlled by the workflow, involve all employees in accident prevention: from the management to the apprentice

Achieve the goal of "zero accidents" faster with the PANFLOW workflow

ideamanagement - Idea Management

Idea Management

Exploit the full potential of your company.
On the one hand, the introduction of a company suggestion system into everyday work improves the working conditions for the staff and allows their potential for ideas, creativity and involvement in the organization to be incorporated. Secondly, the quality of work increases while costs can be reduced.

The prerequisites for a successful suggestion system, however, are the greatest possible transparency of the processes, a swift processing and a precise evaluation of the proposals.

  With easy-to-understand forms, a clear dashboard and automated reminder functions, PANFLOW guarantees smooth processing of suggestions from your employees.

Advantages at a glance

Reduced error rate, speedy processing and better quality of the suggestion system due to the digital procedure.

More acceptance by employees, improvement of working conditions and results, control of the awarding of proposals

Additional Workflow Solutions using PANFLOW

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