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You are drowning in papers and forms, and the processing, archiving, and searching of these documents takes a tremendous amount of time? Then it is time to turn your back on outdated and time-consuming ways of working, because the success of your business depends largely on the efficient sequence of its processes.

In times when the structuring of accounting becomes more and more complex and the information on finances, contracts and procurement is increasingly needed at faster speeds and in higher quality, the Workflow Management System PANFLOW offers to automate and parallelize recurring processes, saves valuable time and eliminates unnecessary costs. This increases the efficiency of the entire process chain and ensures that necessary information is available quickly and with high quality to serve the subsequent needs.

icon flexibility


Highest flexibility through freely configurable Workflows and release procedures

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Save time and money through parallel Processes and faster throughput

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Reduce errors through well defined Processes and integrated supervision

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Audit-proof Workflows and full transparency through detailed documentation

eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung - Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Forget towering invoice piles.
For many companies, incoming invoice processing offers enormous saving potential. With PANFLOW, you can structure and automate this processing. This reduces throughput times and decreases the amount of your work.

Input invoices are often handled by several employees from different departments or locations. However, not every employee is automatically entitled to sign-off invoices for all amounts. These situations require multi-level authorization and information sharing procedures. PANFLOW allows a comprehensive view of the current status of the invoices and indicates in which department and processing phase the respective invoice is currently located.

If there are unforeseen delays and the invoice remains unprocessed, the responsible employee will be immediately informed through an e-mail generated automatically by the system. Thus, invoices can neither be lost nor forgotten inside a large pile of other documents.

Advantages at a glance

Paperless invoice processing, automatic reading and validation of recognized invoice data, verification and sign-off on invoices

Information transfer to the financial accounting system via interface or file export, legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of invoices

beschaffung - Procurement & Investment

Controlling of Procurement and Investment

Reduce resource requirements throughout streamlined Workflows.
Procurement processes are often unwieldy and complex. They are often still paper- or e-mail-based for many companies, which normally prevents the desired increase in transparency and efficiency.

Valuable resources are often spent until all the relevant documents are available for the procurement and the respective order can be released. These resources could be used more effectively elsewhere.

With PANFLOW you optimize the Workflows in the area of purchasing, create a well-thought-out Procurement and Investment Workflow and thus ensure greater transparency, control and savings.

Advantages at a glance

All phases of order processing are electronically optimized, yielding you process quality improvement, improved purchasing controlling, lowering of costs in procurement and shortening of processing times

Individual approval Processes in consideration of financial limits

vertragsmanagement - Contract Management

Contract Management

More transparency instead of bulging files folders.
Contracts are the direct link to your business partners and customers. A smooth handling of liabilities and responsibilities with respect to payments and other needed action can have a decisive influence on your cooperation with your partners and customers.

With PANFLOW, searching inside bulging file folders has an end:
The collection and management of different types of contracts with the Workflow  Management System ensures transparent Contract Management in compliance with all deadlines and maturities and paves the way for a revision- and legally-secure archiving of the relevant documents.

Advantages at a glance

Can be linked to an existing archive: audit and legally compliant storage, fulfillment of documentation requirements

Up-to-date overview of current contracts, dismissals and deadlines, and more transparency: changes can be traced at any time, reliable information for company audit

Additional Workflow Solutions using PANFLOW

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