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Process Optimization in public administration has become equally as important as Process Optimization in the private sector. The so-called E-Government is predominantly used to digitize work processes between public authorities, citizens and outside companies, but also incorporated within local or regional administrations.

With the use of PANFLOW it is possible to model and map complex processes automatically and to bridge diverse media without obstacles. PANFLOW offers optimal opportunities to offer contemporary citizen services, especially in the interaction with the electronic identification function of the new identity card (eID) and the opening of a citizen account. PANFLOW enables the seamless integration of desired online services into the internet presentation of the (city) administrations.

icon service

Better Service

Enhancement of the service-offerings for Public Administrations

icon cleaner structures

Cleaner Structures

Automation of existintg processes inside the local government

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Less Effort

Less paperwork & costs and reduced turnaround time through Online Services

New challenges for local governments

The Future lies in Digitalization
Cities, municipalities or government districts regardless of their size have the task of providing citizens with important services. However, due to increasingly shrinking budgets, municipal administrations are expected to achieve more with less. In order to meet this responsibility, the government agencies need to optimize their internal processes, identify potentials for efficiency gains and be streamlined across sectors, in order to free resources in both time and money to develop new, forward looking projects.
Einführung von E-Government

Modern E-Government

E-Government offers citizens new opportunities to contact government agencies and to perform most of their transactions online around the clock. Through the online identification function of the new identity card, citizens will be able to use official government services via the Internet, that so far were only accessible through visits "in person". The unique identification of the user is accomplished safely and simply with the eID functionality. PANFLOW allows the seamless integration of modern online services into the internet sites of the administrations and helps citizens to save money, time and paper costs.

In addition to simplifications for its citizen, e-government also has decisive advantages for businesses and the economy. Following the goal of the federal government of improving cooperation between businesses and government agencies through simplification of bureaucratic processes, the accelerated handling of reporting obligations and permit procedures leads to significant time and cost savings.

Within the agencies, the new technical abilities simplify and automate numerous processes, eliminating long and cumbersome paper processes and capacities are freed up to deal with the specific concerns of the citizens. At the same time, the transparency of the government and its decisions will be increased, as individual processing steps and information pathways will be better understood by the citizen.

Advantages at a glance

Enhancement of the Service Offerings

Seamless integration of service offerings into the website, around the clock online availability of services

Integration of the online identity function

Savings in time, cost and paper

loesungen - Further Solutions

Further Workflow Solutions using PANFLOW

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