panflow-prinzip - The PANFLOW Approach

Digitize and optimize your Business Processes via a Workflow Management System:
The PANFLOW approach

The browser-based Workflow Management software PANFLOW increases the efficiency of your Business Processes by using a drag&drop interface to map and automate repetitive Workflows without any programming requirements. Thus, unnecessary work can be avoided, which significantly shortens the processing times your various departments, increases the quality of the processes and sustainably minimises ongoing costs. This ultimately increases employee motivation and customer satisfaction.

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Intuitive & flexible

Complex Business Processes can be digitally mapped through the practical Workflow Designer without programming requirements. Forms are simply created through a drag&drop interface.

icon everything in view

Everything in view

Our digital Dashboard gives you an up-to-date view of all your Processes and allows precise intervention.

icon no installation

No client-side installation

PANFLOW is browser-based and does not require any client-side installation. This saves administrative effort and allows you to contribute from any workplace.

icon simple integration

Simple system integration

Standardized interfaces allow the seamless integration of the Workflow Management Software into your existing IT infrastructure.

panflow-loesungen - Solutions based on PANFLOW

Solutions based on the
Workflow Management System: PANFLOW

Each company is unique through its own individual Workflows. Your Software must be equally individual and flexible to improve the efficiency of these Workflows.

The Workflow Management System PANFLOW enables the development of different Workflow Solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of the respective companies, divisions and processes:

Scheme of a workflow
panflow-funktionen - Functions of PANFLOW

Relevant functions of the Workflow Management System PANFLOW at a glance

Simple Workflow Definition

A PANFLOW process consists of two closely related components: the Form to collect information that is relevant to the process, and the Workflow controlling the flow of the process through the various organizational units.

View of the workflow designer of the PANFLOW workflow management system
  • The graphical Workflow Designer, allows you to assemble your processes from simple predefined Workflow components. An intuitive Drag&Drop eliminates any programming requirements.
  • The duration of each step in the process chain can be controlled selectively by specifying specific Reaction Times. Subprocesses can be parallelized and can run either synchronously or asynchronously (i.e. time-dependent or independent of each other).
  • Predefined rules automatically update the Process Flow as soon as the corresponding entries are registered.
  • If the response from an authorized person is required for a specific step, this person will be automatically informed.

Easy Form Design

Continuation of the Look and Feel of the existing corporate forms and compliance with the Corporate Design guidelines is achieved via use of the Form Designer.

View of the form designer of the workflow management system PANFLOW
  • The graphical User Interface allows the arrangement of form elements such as text lines, selection lists, check boxes or radio buttons by drag&drop. The interface incorporates Positioning&Alignment aids and corporate design rules to assure a consistent Look&Feel with other company documents.
  • It can freely be decided which data should be manually entered and which data is accessed through external data sources. In addition to the manual input, standardized interfaces allow the population of individual fields using up to ten external data sources.
  • Visibility of each individual element or form-region can separately be customized. This allows the forms to look completely different depending on roles, tasks or situations. Fields that are not needed can be hidden and only are visible when they are actually needed.
  • Introduction and establishing of new systems can be a real challenge. With PANFLOW you create Forms that every internet user already knows from past everyday use. This minimizes the training effort, increases User Acceptance and greatly facilitates the introduction of the new system.

Maintain the Overview at all times

You can view all Operations and Processes in real time through the Status Monitor of the Workflow Management System. The users can decide for themself whether they want to get an overview of each running Workflow or a display of the details of an individual process.

View of the status monitor of the workflow management system PANFLOW
  • You can determine which information is displayed and in which way (e.g. color highlighting of a particular status). A variety of search and filter options also help you to keep an eye on all processes.
  • Freely configurable escalation scenarios draw attention to potential difficulties in the process and inform the responsible person immediately by e-mail or, if desired, visually by using a traffic light system.
  • All upcoming tasks are visible in the Dashboard on first glance helping you to avoid missing important appointments. If you still overlook a task, the software will automatically remind you by e-mail.
  • All business processes are fully documented and can be exported from PANFLOW, to e.g. Excel, for statistical processing or support of the reporting/auditing system. This creates revision security and helps to uncover optimization potential.

Integrate PANFLOW seamlessly

PANFLOW is a fully browser-based Software and can be quickly and easily integrated into already established Intranet and Internet Applications

Integration of the workflow management system PANFLOW
  • One password for everything: via Single Sign-on, the system can easily be linked to an existing user administration.
  • Standardized interfaces allow you to integrate existing resources from external applications (e.g. SAP) into the respective Workflow structure.
  • Data from the Workflows can also be exported and made available to other applications.
  • If the system is linked to the Active Directory, all User Data and existing Rights and Rolls can be transferred.

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