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Find out how our customers have integrated PANBASE into their System Landscape and in which divisions the Digital Asset Management Software is used to increase quality and efficiency by providing the optimized organization and distribution of media files, avoiding multiple purchases of the same assets, and by reliably managing licenses.

kloeckner - Klöckner Pentaplast

PANBASE for Klöckner Pentaplast:
New plattform "kpMultimedia"

In order to put an end to the data chaos and to provide selected image material for internal and external purposes, Klöckner Pentaplast has decided to also use a Software Solution from Panvision in their Asset Management. This follows the already successful relaunch of the company Website with the CMS PANSITE.
Ausschnitt aus dem Digital Asset management System PANBASE für Klöckner Pentaplast
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"With PANBASE we are now absolutely modern and contemporary, saving resources, time and manpower."

Christoph Thünemann,

Klöckner Pentaplast

The new platform kpMultimedia, based on the Digital Asset Management System PANBASE, offers all functions and amenities that are required for structured and efficient working with diverse Media Content. It seamlessly integrates into the already existing infrastructure of the Website and Intranet.
In an efficient, pragmatic and goal-oriented collaboration, the large-scale project was developed and the new Software was presented to Klöckner Pentaplast in the context of an internal campaign.

Project Highlights

Perfect interoperation of PANSITE for Internet and Intranet and PANBASE for the Multimedia Platform

Global access in a well controlled manner through the company's employees via single sign-on

Promoting the uniform visual presentation by providing images and graphics tailored specifically to the company's communication

Customized image selection for use by external partners such as press, customers or agencies

evonik - Evonik

PANBASE for Evonik:
Multi Client System with insight

Multiple purchases of image material and the storing of unnecessary duplicates can create enormous costs. Centralized Management with PANBASE avoids such bad investments and makes it easier to deploy the assets you need.

Since the founding of 2007, Evonik has been operating numerous PANBASE clients throughout the group and supports the individual business units in the management, distribution and archiving of image material as well as other documents.
Ausschnitt aus dem Digital Asset management System PANBASE für Evonik
PANBASE facilitates the cooperation with different agencies. For example, image rights are acquired and stored in such a way that all employees and external service providers can use the assets appropriately.
To make assets available across scopes and clients, a meta-client has been set up. In the category of "Typical Evonik", a selection of images is composed of "four star" rated content, and this material is made available to all employees.


More than 10 separate clients across the corporation

Meta-client, providing consistent image material across all separate areas

External service providers are given access to selected image material for their work.

bonn - City of Bonn

PANBASE for the city of Bonn:
Asset Management in the public sector

In today's digital age, local governments need to manage an ever-increasing flood of pictorial material (images of buildings, streets, sights, etc.) to keep archives up-to-date and to provide print and online products of cities with qualitative content to requesters.

In order to avoid a double acquisition and storage of the media contents, the city of Bonn has opted for the use of PANBASE in the areas "Press Office " and "Waste Management". The centralized Management of assets and decentralized Access also ensures that only appropriate and professionally created materials are used and appropriate licensing is assured.

In order to manage the assets with PANBASE, the city of Bonn maintains separate clients for the Press Office and the Waste Management "bonnorange ", but both are operated on the same server and can be used by the employees via the Intranet.

In addition, other Media-Processing Systems such as the Web-to-Print Management System PAN.AD from Panvision are also provided with image material via PANBASE.


Thoughtful archiving, easy locating of required materials

Only suitable image material is used

Double acquisition and storage of assets is avoided

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