panbase-prinzip - The PANBASE Approach

Online administration of Media and Licenses via smart Digital Asset Management:
The PANBASE approach

The Digital Asset Management System PANBASE allows you to keep control of your media, including the capability to keep separate departments or groups. You can use PANBASE as a pure Image Database - or as a comprehensive Media Database for different file types (images, graphics, videos, documents, etc.). Capture, manage and distribute large amounts of data and prevent undesired dublication and redundancies. Store all content centrally in one place and give employees, external partners or the press controlled access to specific assets. Effective License Management also keeps track of your license periods and avoids multiple purchases.

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Viewing, sifting and requesting

The asset-user works through a Website as the frontend of the database. Depending on the rights assignment, they can search, sift and download directly from there.

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Clever tagging

The editor-module provides a number of practical functions that allow easy uploading, maintaining and tagging of records.

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Comprehensive administration

Administrators have a designated module for defining basic parameters and for creating & maintaining users, editors, and other administrators.

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Simple license adminsitration

Inside the License Management, all necessary information can be stored pertaining to the individual assets. If a license is about to expire, the administrator will receive an e-mail notification.

panbase-loesungen - Solutions based on PANBASE

Solutions based on the Asset Management

As assets grow, problems also grow for most organizations in administration and archiving of these assets. Uncoordinated file storage in different locations and missing metadata create a lot of unnecessary work and time loss in the usage of those assets. This also creates unnecessary costs for multiple purchases or the creation of artwork that already exists but could not be found again.

PANBASE will help you to integrate and administrate the deluge of images, graphics and PDF documents, prevent multiple purchases, regulate all licenses. PANBASE also enables you to provide selected employees and external users with the exact assets, precisely tailored to your corporate communication and in the task-specific resolution.

Managing Assets
panbase-funktionen - Functions of PANBASE

Important capabilities of the Digital Asset Management System PANBASE: an Overview

The Frontend

Personalized search, request and download: The frontend of the PANBASE Database serves as the user interface and enables direct access into the asset search and usage. Depending user access rights, the user can search, view and download media files.

Screenshot of the Frontend of PANBASE
  • The user can individually customize the PANBASE interface and determine how many thumbnails are displayed on a page and how they are arranged.
  • Numerous Search Functions and filters are available to refine the search for specific assets. Search for phrases or synonyms, combine terms with the word search, or exclude them from the search.
  • User only get to see the assets they are allowed to view. The Download System also shows which assets you can download in what data size.
  • Users who have read permission, but no download permission to specific assets can apply for approval through the Workflow-based Request System.
  • Assets can be grouped and stored in the virtual Lightbox. The Lightbox content can be recalled at a later time or sent via e-mail to other users.
  • "Free guest access" allows external partners such as press, customers or agencies to get easy and quick access to selected material.

The Editor Module

Uploading, tagging/keywording, distributing: the Editor Module allows assets to be uploaded and tagged. Previously uploaded assets can be retrieved for further processing.

Screenshot of the editor module of PANBASE
  • Assets can be uploaded via the Web Browser or attched storage media and pre-grouped into different directories.
  • The Keyword Interface allows you to enter additional information about the file, for example theme, subject, title, origin and geographical data.
  • Additionly, graduated Read & Download-Permissions can be defined at this point and relevant information about the licensing rights may be included.
  • Processing of large volumes of media files can be automated through batch processes adding the same information and keywords to the assets.
  • Metadata such as IPTC, EXIF or geographical information can be automatically retrieved from the source images.
  • Already processed and tagged assets can be retrieved for further processing.

The Administrator Module

Assigning rights, managing clients, maintaining licenses: the Administration module can be used to define the general set-up and all Framework Requirements that are important for the smooth and effective use of PANBASE.

Screenshot of the administrator module of PANBASE
  • Keywords that are important to the editors for tagging the assets can be set by the administrator to avoid uncontrolled growth in the keyword catalogs.
  • Search efficiency during asset sifting can be increased by a Synonym List of related terms created by the administrator. These alternative terms that can be utilized by users instead of a specific keyword.
  • The Administration Module allows the creation and administration of user accounts and their respective Rights Management. Rights can be assigned via a hierarchical model, via a Work Role Model or a Group Concept. If you enable the "extended rights" option, you can even assign individual files to specific user groups.
  • The practical Search & Download statistics allow you to see which search terms are used and thus enable you to refine the Keywording and Synonym Lists. The Download Statistics provide information about the download frequency for the assets. You can also see how often search terms were unsuccessful and thus add new content in a targeted manner.
  • Centralized Management of image licenses is achieved in PANBASE by incorporating all necessary information inside the document. The System will automatically notify the responsible administrator by e-mail as soon as a license is about to expire.
  • Multiple files can be combined into one Asset Collection and made available to authorized external entities and people. Access is granted via a convenient link that can be sent via e-mail. This allows people to use the data even if they do not have direct access to PANBASE.

Seamless integration

PANBASE can seamlessly be integrated into an already existing System Landscape. Our System adapts to yours - not the other way around!

Screenshot of the PANBASE system integration
  • PANBASE is entirely browser-based and does not need any user-side installation. This allows users to access the System from anywhere in the world via the Internet and it does not require any programming knowledge.
  • The Frontend of the Asset Management System can be created in accordance with the Corporate Design. Users continue to work in their familiar environment, adapted to the Look & Feel of their company.
  • The System comprehends multiple clients, for example, for individual business areas or departments. The clients can be operated independently of one another on the same server without a user of one client having access to the files of the other client. If desired, they can share permissions with each other.
  • PANBASE can be connected to other Systems via different interfaces: for example, images from PANBASE can be transferred to your Content Management System in order to process them further. is PANBASE with a Web to Print System (e.g. PAN.AD), double maintenance of assets can be avoided and the export of photos from PANBASE directly into the print documents is possible.
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