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johanniter - Johanniter

PAN.AD as promotional-material database
for Johanniter

Johanniter have been using PAN.AD since 2008 as a comprehensive and convenient platform for the ordering of customized printed matter and promotional material via the Internet.
Screenshot aus dem Web to Print System der Johanniter
Users obtain access to search and view the desired promotional media in the Online Database and have the option to customize and order documents, stickers, flyers, stationery and greeting cards on request.
All orders are archived and are available for statistical analysis.
Thanks to the pre-defined templates stored in PAN.AD, indicating the areas of the printed matter that can be individualized, the resultant promotional material always follows the current Design Guidelines of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e. V. (Johanniter Ambulance Assistance ).


Personalizing printed matter and ordering via the Internet

Compliance with the Design Guidelines through pre-defined editing templates

Archival of orders for statistical analysis

bonn - Press Office of the City Bonn

Web to Print using PAN.AD
at the Press Office of the City Bonn

Panvision was able to gain another PAN.AD customer from the area of public administration in the form of the Press Office of the City Bonn. Event flyers for municipal institutions such as kindergartens and the City Library are the main application of material created and customized with PAN.AD.
Screenshot aus dem Web to Print System der Bundesstadt Bonn
In order to ensure that only selected, high-quality pictorial material is used for these purposes, the City of Bonn also uses the Digital Asset Management System PANBASE from Panvision. PANBASE manages the media files – including licensing questions – allows browsing and search, as well as intelligent tagging of the content. Material is made available to other users freely or on request for download.
Both Systems are perfectly coordinated and work hand in hand to make the creation and customization process of printed matter as effective and simple as possible.


Creation and individualisation of event flyers for municipal institutions

Simultaneous incorporation of the Digital Asset Management System PANBASE to manage the media files loaded from there directly into PAN.AD

gkd - gkd-el

Web to Print Management using PAN.AD
at the City Gelsenkirchen

Highly branched and hierarchical organizations, such as cities and municipalities, are specially benefitting by the enormous savings potential of a capable Web to Print System. The Gelsenkirchen Municipal Data Centre Emscher-Lippe, which is responsible, among other things, for the technical support of the city of Gelsenkirchen, has consequently decided to use PAN.AD.
Screenshot aus dem Web to Print System der gkd-el
With the Web to Print System, the employees of the City of Gelsenkirchen are now able to customize printed matter independently in a very short time, always staying within the Framework of the Corporate Design. The posters and brochures are then forwarded to the appropriate authority for release in a timely manner.
To achieve optimal results in print, the printed matter is divided into two groups: "Print products internal", which summarizes all the media that employees can produce on their office printers and "Print products external", collecting all base templates for media that have to be produced by external print service providers.


Printed matter of the City of Gelsenkirchen can be individually customized within the Framework of the Corporate Design and forwarded for approval

Printed matter is grouped as "external" or "internal" projects.

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