panad-prinzip - The PAN.AD Approach

Using Web to Print to individualize and personalize your print communication:
The PAN.AD approach

Our client-ready web to print software PAN.AD, allows you to easily individualize print items (ads, flyers, business equipment, giveaways etc.). Users work with templates that they can fill with their own content at defined locations adhering to company design guidelines.

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PAN.AD is an intuitive Web to Print Software that allows you to individualize and personalize printed materials based on easy-to-use templates.

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Adherence to
Corporate Design

Users can insert their own content, such as images and texts, into the templates at predetermined locations without violating established design regulations.

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Downstream Usage

The finished print files can be offered for download via a release Workflow, forwarded to print shops and publishers, or offered for sale via an integrable Shop Module.

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System Integration

PAN.AD can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. The System is 100% browser based and can also be used from any computer while on the road.

panad-loesungen - Solutions based on PAN.AD

Solutions based on the Web to Print
Management System PAN.AD

The Web to print system allows you to create professional print templates using a standard Web browser.

The user does not need any specific knowledge, since PAN.AD, provides simple templates, into which individualized content is entered at the clearly marked appropriate locations. This ensures that all printed templates not only conform to the corporate design, but also to the specifications of modern printing processes.

PAN.AD also eliminates time-intensive processes through a digital release mechanism and the standardization of the workflow from creation to printing. Using Web-to-Print to individualize and personalize your print communication:
The PAN.AD approach

Using PAN.AD for web to print
panad-funktionen - PAN.AD Features

The most important features of the web to print system

Individualization maintaining
the Corporate Design

PAN.AD allows you to individualize your printed communications (advertisements, flyers, business stationery, etc.) with the help of easy-to-create templates. The administrator can specify the Design Options that are made available to the users for the templates

User interface of the web to print system PAN.AD
  • Novices and non-specialist users can create printed communications using PAN.AD in concordance with Corporate Design rules for subsequent professional print production.
  • PDF templates can be uploaded in different resolutions and the customizable areas (Smart Areas) are placed by Drag&Drop with raster-based fixation in the templates.
  • Text and images can be edited within the Smart Areas in WYSIWYG mode, making each change immediately visible in the print document.
  • Design Rules underlying the document template are specified by the administrator.

  • Address data can be easily uploaded via CSV-File and automatically integrated into the print document.
  • The practical batch processing facilitates the sending of CI-compliant, individualized serial letters.

Workflow controlled subsequent usage of Print Communications

The Downstream Usage and Processing of your Printed Communications can be individually controlled according to your specifications. PAN.AD offers you several options for downstream handling.

Weiterverarbeitung und Freigabeworkflows des Web to Print Systems PAN.AD
  • Users can download the document directly, or - alternatively - Workflows are available to forwarding the file(s) to printers or publishers.
  • The data can be send to printing houses or publishers for subsequent storage, management and processing.

  • The optionally integrated shop module, allows the ordering of the products directly from the Respective Service Provider via a Shopping Cart function.
  • Details such as graduations in pricing, delivery periods, order options etc. can be stored.

Flexible Permission and Approcal Options

You have full flexibility in the Rights Allocation in PAN.AD through the combination of template and user authorizations. The Software also offers a variety of options controlling the release process.

Administration of the web to print system PAN.AD
  • Administrators can create User Profiles and User Roles through the intuitive interface in PAN.AD as well as simply incorporating existing ones.
  • Each individual user sees only the templates that have been assigned to him and are relevant to him on his desktop. User Navigation can also be adjusted according to the respective rights for each user type.
  • New templates or specially relevant templates can be visually emphasized on the entry page. The administrator determines the content through the Template Management.
  • The release mechanisms can be individually defined for each document, e.g.: via a Workflow with multiple steps that must be met to release a piece of printed communication.

PAN.AD seamless integration

The Web to Print System PAN.AD can be integrated seamlessly into any existing infrastructure. It is 100 percent browser based and does not require tedious installation.

Integration of the web to print system PAN.AD
  • A System can handle more than one client/subsidiary. These can be operated independently on the same server without a user of one client having access to the files of the other client. You can also share permissions if desired.
  • Usage Statistics provide detailed information on which templates are used, how often specific printed materials have been ordered. This enables you to determine the products that are in need and which documents have not been used and might be sorted out.
  • The OCI Interface enables you to exchange data from the Webshop to another connected System, such as a Merchandise Management System.
  • The Frontend of the Web to Print System can be fashioned in accordance with the Corporate Design of the respective company, allowing the user to work with a familiar interface.
  • When you connect PAN.AD to a Digital Asset Management System (e.g. PANBASE of Panvision), you are able to access your image database during the creation of individualized printed communications. You avoid redundant asset maintenance and directly export photos from PANBASE into the printed documents.
  • Inside the Content Management System PANSITE by Panvision, you can create lists inside Special-Elements that directly access PDF-Files from PAN.AD. Any change in PAN.AD is then automatically reflected on the Internet or Intranet site. Alternatively, documents made in PAN.AD can also be explicitely imported.

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