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Custom, tailor-made Software for
your specific Requirements

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Exceptional Software for exceptional Companies

You need a software tailored to your special requirements? With our individualized solutions you no longer need to make compromises in the digitization of your projects and workflows.

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Thorough Planning and Conception

For us, a first and important step towards your individual Software Solution is the precise determination and documentation of the respective requirements and circumstances, but also of your intentions and goals.

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In-depth Experience in Software Development

We offer a team of excellent developers, extensive know-how and over 20 years of experience in Software Development in order ensure the smooth completion and high quality of your Software Project.

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Long term
Value Retention

We use only state-of-the-art Software Technologies and Methods for your project. This will ensure that you can act as autonomously as possible in the use, integration and maintenance of your System

Custom-tailored, individual Development

Standard Software does not always satisfy the specific needs of a company. The support of unique business processes and structures needs unique Software, tailored to these requirements. Standard Solutions often tempt with a noticeably lower initial cost, but the necessary adjustment and the respective costs are often underestimated. This is especially true if only a fraction of the standard System can be used, but the full licensing fees are incurred. Additionly, it is often impossible to adapt a standard Software to the exact processes of a company. Instead, business processes are often adapted to the available of-the-shelf Software, losing efficiency and reducing eliminating advantages.
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Here is where our Individual Development starts. As an IT Service Provider with more than 25 years of experience in Software Development, we are able to incorporate all our know-how and a lot of innovative power into our Software. With our Team we cover all aspects of demanding Software Projects - from requirements analysis, programming and Software Adaptation to maintenance and support. This starts in the planning and development phase, where each function is individually coordinated jointly with you, until the tailor-made Solution is the perfect fit. This is the philosophy of Panvision - evidenced by a multitude of individual Software Projects and satisfied customers, who have stayed with us for many years.
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Step by step to the perfect Software Solution

If there is no existing Solution

The realization of unique Projects commonly requires a tailor-made, yet flexible Software Solution. With our CMS-individual Development you get both:
An individually designed System that will grow with you.


More than the initial Costs

Adapting a standard Solution by brute force to your own requirements creates both the cost of the license fees for the Software and the cost for the necessary adjustment - and often you still do not get exactly what you need. Therefore, it can be more economical to create a tailor-made Software System and to avoid a compromise in functionality.

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Thorough Preparation - clear Concepts

Precise determination and documentation of the requirements is the first and most important step towards an individual Software Solution. After one or more initial workshops and the examination of the available materials, we develop a concept for the intended application and document the requirements, as they are jointly understood, in written and visual form. You can then verify that all requirements are correctly mapped and our ideas coincide with your vision.

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Be a Part of the Development Team

We want you to understand our work and the methodology we use to develop your Software. For that reason, we consider you a member of the Development Team from the outset of the Project. The concept and the approach will be thoroughly explained to you. The Team Members will be personally introduced to you with their respective qualifications, experiences and responsibilities. You will receive detailed information on all planned intermediate steps (e.g. preview, Alpha, Release Candidate) and related dates.

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State-of-the-art Technology

Our Development Team has proven experience with a wide range of current Software Technologies. You can specify your requirements: we work in both worlds - Java and Microsoft.NET. Or you can trust our recommendation.

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Project Management at the highest Level

The Project Management is carried out according to the most current methods (e.g. scrum). As a result, our Team can flexibly react to evolving requirements or to unforeseen developments without endangering the Project's success.

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Our Standards of Quality - Competency and Diligence

Complex customized Software can only be as good as the team that develops it. This is why we only employ proven and highly qualified employees in this area. As an additional rule: we always use tested and standardized Processes for Quality Assurance.

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Fully transparent Project Progress

You are able to monitor the Project Progress and our Quality of Work at every stage. Interim results will be presented and test versions will be provided. There is also the possibility of direct access to the Source Code and its documentation.

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Reliable Service and Maintanance

After completing your individually created Software Solution we do not leave you alone. We take care of the worry-free operation of the Application, of Optimization and Bug-Fixes.

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Periodic Reviews - testing the Software

Throughout Development and before every new Release, the Software and its individual Components are continually reviewed and tested. These test cover reliability, usability, performance, stability and security of the Software.

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We protect your Investment into the Future

We would prefer to manage the Software created its entire Life Cycle, but we also do not want to make you dependent on us. From the outset we threrefor provide everything necessary to enable a potential hand-off, on both the technical and legal side. We believe that Trust is the most effective route to Customer Loyalty. Along with our individual Software Solution, you get the complete source code and all other resources - everything is structured and documented in such a way that third parties can continue to work with reasonable effort.

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Customized Projects realized by Panvision

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