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Evonik Coatings & Adhesives App

Key features at a glance

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Product Information

In-depth product information regarding Evonik Solutions for the Coatings and Adhesives Industry

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Will give you a quick view of Restaurants near your current location or near a specified place.

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News & Videos

News and videos, digital brochures, technical and trade literature, as well as contact information to Evonik Experts

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Overview of upcoming Trade-Shows and Events with optional download into your personal calendar

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Developing the
Coatings & Adhesives App

A single App will prepare customers for their trade fair visit, provide them with useful tools on site, and also be a trusted companion beyond the trade fair! This was the outline with which Evonik Industries approached Panvision. Originally planned as a pure trade fair App for the Industries Coatings and Adhesives, the App was further expanded with additional information on Evonik competencies. Now, the App provides everyday access to all types of service and product information for customers of the coating and adhesives industry and is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.
With help of the Coatings & Adhesives App, the specialty-chemicals company provides insights into the respective markets and the associated product. Using interactive graphics, the user can see examples of products of the coating and adhesive industry that are applied to everyday objects such as electrical appliances, cars, furniture, etc.

The App also provides digital product brochures, a direct link to the product websites and contact options for the relevant Evonik experts. As a major feature, all the information contained in the App is fully available offline and can therefore be accessed without connection to the Internet.

The users is provided with current news such as press releases, product stories or videos on a regular basis. For this, the App updates and synchronizes with the new information as soon as a connection via WLAN is available.

Useful Trade Fair Features

In addition to the permanently available information the Evonik's Coatings & Adhesives App also offers numerous useful features that provide additional service to the visitor during the duration of a trade fair and/or gives advanced information of the event. For example, the user can display an overview of past and future trade fairs and events as well as optionally importing them into the personal calendar.

In order to help customers and prospective customers to quickly and easily access important information at the Evonik's Booth, a QR scanner is integrated into the App, which can be used to scan exhibits, name tags or brochures. After the scan, for example, relevant videos can be watched directly, employee contacts can be stored inside the App or informative documents can be downloaded as PDF to smartphone or tablet.

Even after a successful day, the Coatings & Adhesives App is a useful companion. The integrated Restaurant Finder helps non-residents to find a suitable dining opportunity in the area, either to take a quick snack or to end the evening in a nice atmosphere having dinner with newly established contacts: the App shows nearby restaurants and snacks, including their distance from the current location and their address. If you select a future trade fair or event, the Restaurant Finder will already list the surrounding restaurant options in advance, automatically using the correct trade fair location.

An all-round successful App

Panvision has succeeded in realizing all requirements into the App. Yama Olumi, responsible for the project at Evonik, expressed satisfaction with the result: "From the first moment Panvision has strongly driven the technical development. As usual, our cooperation has resulted in a successful outcome. "


Product Description

Comprehensive product information on Evonik Solutions for the Coating and Adhesives Industry


Shows visitors and employees nearby Restaurants during their trip or near any other selected location

News & Videos

News and videos, digital brochures, technical literature and contact data for the respective Evonik Experts


Overview of future trade fairs and relevant events with the possibility of importing them into the personal calendar


All information from the App is also available offline

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